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VIA Research and Consultancy Ltd offers a range of services from one-off consultations to desk-based or experimental research. 
Our senior consultants each have have over a decade of experience in Virtual and Augmented Reality research and development, supplemented by the skills of programmers, artists and junior researchers.

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Desk-based Research and Industry Reports

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to carry out a wide range of desk-based academic or industry research. We deliver short reports and longer white papers, as well as more individualised research tailored to your individual needs.

Applied Research

Looking for help with a specific question, or to evaluate a new development?  Our experienced research team can design and conduct  a research study for you. 
Today’s rapidly evolving environment means making insightful decisions, and we can help you to gather the evidence you  need to guide you.

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Advice and Consultancy

From telephone consultations to site visits, we can tailor our support to suit your needs. You can draw on our extensive knowledge to find out more about the technology, discuss what solutions might best fit your needs, or to obtain specific advice on individual use-cases.  
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